Setting up your first HTML website!

Important Suggestions

Wanting to start a website is quite a daunting task for beginners. It happened to me. Some questions I had were:

Where do I input information to get onto the web?
Answer: Websites pages are hosted on servers. A servers job is to distribute your website to clients requesting the webpage. You have to upload your website page to your server through applications like FTP. Or if you have direct access to your server you can create and edit the webpage right on the server. Services like Google do not upload their webpages to their server through FTP(Port 21).
Does HTML allow me to create a user log in based/content management based website?
Answer: No HTML does not allow you to have user accounts or comment based systems.
Do I have to setup a a website to start designing websites?
Answer: No HTML can be rendered in your browser without a domain name or hosting.


Generating HTML for a website can be cumbersome, but custom coding allows for a lot more options. If you are completely adverse to coding HTML there are WYSIWYG(What you see is what you get) editors that generate code based on your design. Dreamweaver is a very well known WYSIWYG editor. I personally use Dreamweaver for coding my website because it allows the programmer to make modifications and see them instantly. Dreamweaver is also a built in FTP client allowing the programmer to upload his/her pages to the internet without having to have a separate client open.

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