"Hello, World!" - Start Java Today!

Important Suggestions

Before installing and running JCreator, be sure to install the full version of the Java SDK(about 64.7MB). Write down the location that you save the SDK at, so that when JCreator asks you, you're prepared.


Java is a very powerful programming language, its applications are endless, from networking to gaming, it can most likely be done in Java. Advantages include its ability to run cross-platform (Windows, Windows, Mac), because of its virtual machine. In addition most devices have Java installed.

This being a "Hello World" tutorial, you are going to learn how to create a Workspace, Project, and then a file. You don't have to use JCreator as your IDE(Integrated Development Environment), there are others including Eclipse, BlueJ, Dr. Java(Mac), and more. However, I prefer JCreator over the other IDE's because I was first introduced to it when beginning my Java programming. I recommend Eclipse as another IDE, because of its contextual highlighting, and alerts. Also if you want to get into Android programming, Eclipse has a plug-in for Android, making life simple.


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